4 Tips To Show You How To Find A Reliable Sourcing Agent In China

When searching for a China sourcing agent, trust and confidentiality are the peak influencers. This sourcing sector has recorded high levels of unfair deeds, with either party recording injustice against each other. However, there are tips for searching a reliable partner. In this case, reliability covers the following factors:

Quality and pricing- All the products sourced should be the best quality and at the right prices. Some agencies compromise on quality, raise the price to unrealistic ranges or even both.

Access to Markets and the goods- A reliable Agent should understand all the markets in China and should provide genuine information when you need it. It is also their responsibility to have reliable channels, through which you can purchase the goods.

With the many agencies in China, it requires a clever move when choosing any of the firms to procure goods for you. The following tips should act as guiding tips to finding a reliable sourcing agent in China:

1. Years of Experience

The number of years the agency has been in the market determines the scope of markets and products they have helpful information and resources. A decade in the sourcing business is enough guarantee that the firm can deliver, although the firm should indicate a realistic growth throughout the years. This entails the number of frequent clients on record for the specific company.

2. Terms of Payment

In case you want the agency to procure goods and ship them for you, then the payment terms are equally important. Any agency requesting for over 50% advance payment may show lack of enough capital for running the business, a worrying factor in the financial worlds. With a realistic advance payment of 30% of the total cost and paying the rest after you receive and confirm the goods, is a fair deal where both parties have room for commitment and trust.

3. Market and Product Information

Sometimes you may want a certain product but you do not understand the packaging and their prices. In most cases, this is where the question of How can I find a reliable sourcing agent in China comes in. the sourcing agent should have the right information of the brands, their distinctive qualities and pricing criteria for wholesale and retails. This helps you to make an informed decision between the brands, depending on your intentions and preferences.

4. Shipment Procedures

Finally, a good agent understands China’s customs and duty rules better than you as the buyer do. This means that the agency should give a clear procedure on how the goods will reach you, with the least of efforts. The fees should always be fair and realistic.