Due Diligence, QC and Inspections for Importers

There are so many different ways the delivery of your product can stumble and cost you your reputation. Choosing the right supplier(s) is key and watching them like a hawk is required. By working with BlissSourcing, we can ensure you make the right choices at different stages of the supplier selection and manufacturing process. And if you’re interested in a full service, you can check out our 360° Sourcing Service, where you can leverage our experience and resources and get a highly optimized, completely hands-off sourcing & quality control experience. Check out some of our Ad-Hoc Quality control and due-diligence services below:

Company Verification

Protect you from online scammers and pretenders who seem to be everywhere online.

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Mid Prod Inspection

It allows you to detect quality issues early so they can be fixed before goods are packed.

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Factory Audit

We will provide a physical audit of the supplier’s premises and verification of their licenses.

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Pre Shpt Inspection

Physically inspect the goods after completion of at least 80% of the production.

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Pre Prod Inspection

Physically inspect the goods once all the raw materials have been received before production.

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Loading Inspection

It is useful when you want to ensure that the right product and quantities are loaded into the container.

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