Top 10 Most Profitable Products To Import From China 2020

Import means bringing goods or services from an outside country to your home country.

Worldwide, importing is a mammoth industry in itself. As per World Bank Data on Import, the United States imported goods worth $ 2248 Billion dollars during the year 2016.

When we talk about import, the one country that comes to our mind is China. Out of the aforesaid $2248 billion dollars of the US imports, China imports accounted for $462 billion dollars (almost 21%).

Researching for profitable products to import from China, buying them & then selling on B2C e-commerce platforms (or on wholesale) is a common strategy being followed by many online sellers. The drop-shipping model is another form of this strategy.

Over the years, China has successfully designated itself as the ultimate global manufacturing hub. So, in this post, we will be talking only about best-selling products that you can import from China.

From the manufacturing point of view, a few advantages enjoyed by China over other countries are:

· Cheap manual labor

· Skilled labor

· Strong government support

· Good capital base

· Adequate reserves of rare earth metals

· Great supply chain ecosystem

I started my business journey with importing products from China. During the course, I learned about various intricacies of international trading like manufacturing, private labeling, import regulations, product quality, certifications etc.

As an importer, I found that shortlisting & selecting products/suppliers is the most difficult part of the importing process.

I prefer using Alibaba for shortlisting & communicating with suppliers. The platform has verified profiles, trust badges & transaction level indicators to ensure that you don’t get scammed.

How do I select products? Well, I follow a checklist. Following the main ingredients of the product selection checklist:

· Simple

· Convenient to use

· Innovative

· Low cost

· High demand

· High-profit margin

· High sales frequency

Be careful with products like medicines, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes etc. These are banned products (for import) in most countries.

From the earnings point of view, importing & reselling is a very successful business model. If done correctly, it can help you not only earn a comfortable living but also build your brand.

To help you get started, following is my curated list of cheap & most profitable products to import from China:




1. Garlic Grater & Cutter

Peeling, cutting & grating garlic can be time-consuming & messy. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there is a tool to help you ease the process? This is where this high-value product steps in. Following are the business stats for this product:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 0.30

Estimated retail price = $ 8

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 2500%


2. Printed T-Shirts For Kids

While printed t-shirts are already quite popular, its printed t-shirts for kids that is still an untapped market. Go get it & resell before your competitor does. Following are the business stats for this product:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty) = $ 1.5

Estimated retail price = $ 20

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 1200 %


3. Elastic Jeans Buttons

Sometimes your favorite jeans may not fit your waist. As such, you would want to have a product to solve this problem. Well, you got the new elastic jeans buttons for it. Following are the business stats for this product:

Estimated cost price of a set (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 0.05

Estimated retail price = $ 1.50

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 2900 %


4. Nail Art Stamper

This is an awesome nail polish art designer. Due to its nature, it’s going to be in huge demand among young women. Following are the business stats:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 0.80

Estimated retail price = $ 7

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 775 %


5. Cutlery Set For Kids

From a business perspective, kid products are always one of the cheapest & most profitable. And, this cutlery set for kids is no different. Following are the business stats:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 1.6

Estimated retail price = $ 10

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 500 %


6. Portable USB Desk Lamp

Lighting products enjoy an evergreen demand from household customers. This innovative product ensures lighting without a wire & a switch. To operate this light, all you need to do is plug (into a USB slot) & play. Indeed a perfect product for camping & other outdoor activities. Following are the business stats for this product:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 0.59

Estimated retail price = $ 5

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 900 %


7. 3 in 1 Mini Survival Tool

What all do you need when you are stuck somewhere (like a desert or a forest)? A compass, a thermometer & a whistle? This product has all three of them embedded into one key ring. Following are the business stats for this product:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 1.65

Estimated retail price = $ 10

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 500 %


8. Mobile Phone Holder

Since past few years, mobile phone accessories have been one of the hottest selling categories of products. With the rise in the use of smartphones, sales of accessories have also risen. Mobile phone holder is one such latest mobile phone accessory. It can be mounted on any exterior support. Following are the business stats for this product:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 1

Estimated retail price = $ 15

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 1400 %


9. Universal IR Remote

Can you convert your smartphone into a remote that controls all your electronic devices? Yes, you can do that with this innovative IR remote plug. Simply plug it into your smartphone, download the app & you are good to go. Following are the business stats of this product:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 3

Estimated retail price = $ 12

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 300 %


10. Virtual Reality Glasses Box

Most technology leaders have started to invest in the technology of future called Virtual Reality. There will be a huge demand in future for these VR supported products as VR related content, apps & platform take off. Following are the business stats for this product:

Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) = $ 2.95

Estimated retail price = $ 10

Gross profit margin (excluding duty & logistics) = 200 %


So we have our curated list of most profitable products to import from China completed.

To succeed at importing ( & subsequent trading) of products, it’s important that you select the right product & work with the right supplier, Bliss Sourcing can help you sourcing in China.


4 Tips To Show You How To Find A Reliable Sourcing Agent In China

When searching for a China sourcing agent, trust and confidentiality are the peak influencers. This sourcing sector has recorded high levels of unfair deeds, with either party recording injustice against each other. However, there are tips for searching a reliable partner. In this case, reliability covers the following factors:

Quality and pricing- All the products sourced should be the best quality and at the right prices. Some agencies compromise on quality, raise the price to unrealistic ranges or even both.

Access to Markets and the goods- A reliable Agent should understand all the markets in China and should provide genuine information when you need it. It is also their responsibility to have reliable channels, through which you can purchase the goods.

With the many agencies in China, it requires a clever move when choosing any of the firms to procure goods for you. The following tips should act as guiding tips to finding a reliable sourcing agent in China:

1. Years of Experience

The number of years the agency has been in the market determines the scope of markets and products they have helpful information and resources. A decade in the sourcing business is enough guarantee that the firm can deliver, although the firm should indicate a realistic growth throughout the years. This entails the number of frequent clients on record for the specific company.

2. Terms of Payment

In case you want the agency to procure goods and ship them for you, then the payment terms are equally important. Any agency requesting for over 50% advance payment may show lack of enough capital for running the business, a worrying factor in the financial worlds. With a realistic advance payment of 30% of the total cost and paying the rest after you receive and confirm the goods, is a fair deal where both parties have room for commitment and trust.

3. Market and Product Information

Sometimes you may want a certain product but you do not understand the packaging and their prices. In most cases, this is where the question of How can I find a reliable sourcing agent in China comes in. the sourcing agent should have the right information of the brands, their distinctive qualities and pricing criteria for wholesale and retails. This helps you to make an informed decision between the brands, depending on your intentions and preferences.

4. Shipment Procedures

Finally, a good agent understands China’s customs and duty rules better than you as the buyer do. This means that the agency should give a clear procedure on how the goods will reach you, with the least of efforts. The fees should always be fair and realistic.


Top 10 China Sourcing Agent Help You Sourcing from China

Many people is importing from China and meet so many problems that want to find a sourcing agent to process everything. This article we will help you list the best TOP 10 China sourcing agent review, to help analyze their services and tell you how to choose.

1. Run Sourcing

Run Sourcing is a China purchasing agent located in Dongguan, China. If you want to find the China agent in this field.

RunSourcing is a technology company, they have In-depth cooperation with big-data companies like Aliyun, Taobao data analyses system, Alibaba-sourcing center. And use the Amazon cloud service to find and process the products.

2. Lazpanda Sourcing

Lazpanda is a good purchasing agent located in Shenzhen, China. If you want to find Shenzhen purchasing agent, you can consider them.

They have a young sourcing team to help their clients source different products in China. They are developing very fast.

Their services include sourcing best products, professional support, production & inspection, packaging & label, shipping to FBA and Amazon photography.

3. Bliss Sourcing

Bliss Sourcing is a professional sourcing agent in China, dedicated to help small business and Amazon seller to source products from China, to ensure the best quality, regulatory complied and at the lowest cost. Our sourcing services include: product sourcing, price negotiation, supplier verification, factory audit, production monitoring, lab testing, order follow-up, quality control, quality inspection, logistics support etc. 

They provide complete service for Amazon Sellers, including customized packaging, Amazon label, FBA Shipping, etc.

4. Fami Sourcing

If you want to find purchasing agent in Guangzhou, please contact Fami sourcing. Fami Sourcing designs customized supply chain solutions for startup companies. They source, oversee production and deliver goods in demand from consumers around the world.

Their services include product Sourcing, Manufacturer Verification, Production Follow-Up, Order Consolidation, custom packaging, and local business guide.

5. Jing Sourcing

Jingsourcing is a very professional purchasing agent located in Yiwu, China. They aim to help small business import products from China with good price & quality when facing 1,000+ suppliers for the same product in Alibaba.

They have around 40 professional local Chinese employees to handle your projects. So if you are looking for sourcing agent in Yiwu, Jing will definitely help you out.

6. Dragon Sourcing

Dragon sourcing is a global procurement service provider, with offices in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Gulf. It was established in 2004, and this giant sourcing agent has an eye in, packaging, industrial items, laboratory items, chemical, and food ingredients and finished products.

Dragon Sourcing offers services: procurement intelligence, product sourcing, procurement outsourcing, warehousing, and shipping.

7. Foshan Sourcing

Foshan Sourcing is a China purchasing agent in Foshan, China. They have been in this field about 10 years with a good reputation, especially for sourcing building materials.

Their team comes from different cities where are famous for the industrial clusters such as Chenghai (toys), Chaoyang (under wares), Zhongshan (lights), Foshan (tiles, furniture, windows, and doors), Chaozhou (sanitary wares) and so on.

8. Sourcing Bro

Sourcing Bro is a China purchasing agent located in Shenzhen, China. Their company is the heart of global trade and provide high-volume goods to clients around the globe.

Their sourcing products types from handmade gifts to electronics.

Sourcing Bro services include product sourcing, quality inspection, warehousing, quality control, and all shipping procedures to the last bit of receiving your consignment safely.

9. Baysource Global

If you want to find a purchasing agent in Shanghai, you can contact Baysource Global.

If you cooperate with them, they will thoroughly review each new project focusing on material specifications, dimensional drawings and all levers that affect Fit and Function–all with a key emphasis on the lowest total cost.

10. B2C Sourcing

If you are looking for a Ningbo purchasing agent, then B2C sourcing is right for you.

B2C sourcing was started in 2015 by Zhisheng Gao. He had over 10 years of experience in client and business relations from Shenzhen to Shanghai.

B2C sourcing services include product sourcing, sample forwarding, quality inspection, supplier audit, and high-standard international shipping. It has a choice for all importers/ exporters, and it is entirely e-commerce friendly.


Top Difference Between Tmall, Taobao and

China is an ever-growing power and most importantly the buying power of its middle class is increasing. Consumers are willing to spend their money and can you guess what is their favorite place to shop?

Yep, you are right: Taobao, T-mall and JD.

If you are looking forward to developing your e-commerce business in China, you've probably already done some researches and read about this 3, but do you know in what aspects they differ?

Let's get into it.


Taobao is the biggest e-commerce platform based in China, is owned by Alibaba and was launched in May 2003. The Taobao Marketplace is China's largest C2C shopping destination. Merchants on Taobao are primarily individuals and small businesses, they are more than 10 million of them.

You'll literally find anything you need but you should know the app is only available in Chinese. You can get clothes, accessories, gadgets, computer hardware at very low prices, you can even buy pets and second hands stuff. There is around 800 Million products listed and in June 2017 there were more than 189 million daily active users on taobao's app and the numbers are still growing.

It is worth mentioning, it is relatively easy to create a seller account on Tabao even for small businesses.

Looking into Taobao's future

According to its chief marketing officer Chris Tung,  Taobao is becoming the Chinese millennial platform to pursue success "The trend we are observing is that for the younger generation, Taobao has become a platform that they identify with, can pursue their dreams […]  over the last few years, those in the post 90s generation and even generation Z, have taken strides to open stores on Taobao and become owners and CEO of their own companies, growing their own brands."

In short, there is a willingness to change the image of the platform, Taobao does not want to have its reputation linked to counterfeit product anymore and is, therefore, putting the accent on its young generation of passionate merchants looking forward to making a name with their creations.

Taobao has successfully embraced its new "making" culture and seduced a younger audience looking for unique products and is even promoting its new philosophy trough festival such as Taobao Makers Festival.

If Taobao customers come from everywhere in the country and are from all ages, it seems clear that the company marketing effort is focused on a younger generation of both sellers and consumers. They are engaging their customers into communities and offering them a personalized experience with the help of their huge database.


Looking at the numbers, this two marketplace really are giant but if they are both e-commerce platform their models differs on a fundamental basis.


What is the difference between the 2 Alibaba Platforms?

Tmall and Taobao, after all, are both operated by Alibaba. Tmall or Tian-mao was launched in 2008

As the two apps are linked to each other it can be very confusing to distinct them at first. To be fair when shopping on Taobao you are likely to be sent to a T-Mall store, but never the opposite and that is because the main difference lies on who sells on each of these platforms. T-mall is the biggest B2C e-commerce platform in China (it owns more 55% of China's b2c e-commerce market shares) and counts as much as 18 000 international brands with an incredible percentage of 80% of them have never done business in China before using T-mall.

When shopping on Taobao customers tends to look for best deals and unique products, while on t-mall customers are looking for brands, this is a place where they can buy with their eyes closed.

Interesting fact: 70% of T-mall customers are between 24 and 32 and have an increasing purchasing power with a taste for imported products.

What are your options when opening the Tmall Store?

First of all, as we just mentioned, Tmall is a marketplace for trusted brands and products in demand with Chinese consumers, you will need to match some criteria to be able to open a tmall store as well as pay storage fees.

There must be a business entity located in Mainland China holding a Chinese retail business license.

The product should also be located within Mainland China to quickly fulfill and ship orders when placed.

On Tmall as a seller you'll have the option:

To manage your own store and while it may feel troublesome you also have the possibility to personalized your storefront as you would like to.

To work as a wholesaler, meaning that your product will be displayed by Tmall Store and have high visibility.

It is up to you to decide which option fit your business objective the most but keep in mind in both case your product will have to match the quality standard of the marketplace.


Not as Famous as Tmall and Yet

JD or Jing Dong is the largest self-operated e-commerce enterprise in China. As for Tmall and Taobao you can find about everything on JD with a strong focus on electronic devices.

What is setting it apart from Alibaba's Taobao and Tmall is its fulfillment service. JD has the most advanced fulfillment infrastructure among all Chinese e-commerce companies allowing same day delivery. This is largely due to JD buying and storing goods which according to Dennis Hong, the investor at in an interview with Forbes, could be beneficial to the company growth: "JD takes on inventory risk, it could achieve procurement scale over time and guarantee product quality in a country rampant with fake goods."

Why should you consider JD?

In 2013 JD and Tencent announced the launched of a "Jingteng" plan. In other words, the two Chinese giants basically merged their database offering a considerable advantage to JD's merchants in terms of marketing. Targeting consumers have never been that efficient.

Not only being present on JD is a door to Chinese e-commerce world but the platform also allows the international company to sell to Chinese consumers without the necessity of a physical presence in China.

Since 2017, has opened in South East Asia and is planning to go global in the near future.

The company with its focus on technology is always on top when it comes to using it at its advantage. For instance, JD is currently working on developing a more performant drone system to ensure an even faster fulfillment service.


In 2016 Tmall made up a little more than 55% of the sales while JD was around 25%

It is impossible to miss that if JD is a clear second, it stills hold more stakes than the rest of its competitors all together (25% vs 18% for the rest) .

Different Focus We have mentioned it quickly earlier, JD's focus is on technology. Meaning that the tow target different markets. Buyers will generally go to Tmall for clothes, cosmetics and F&B purchases, while will be the number one choice for purchases of home appliances and electronic equipment.

Management fees are pretty similar, however T-mall is cheaper (For a year ~ $1000 US vs ~ 1 to $10 000 Us on JD.)

The payment method differs. You'll pay with Alipay and Bank Card on T-Mall and use Wechat Pay, JD Pay or Bankcard on JD.

Both Tmall and have their own cross-border platforms enabling foreign businesses to sell directly to China: Tmall Global and JD Worldwide.



If you are still not sure whether or not you as an e-commerce company you should join one of this marketplace let us reminds you that we are talking about daily visits of millions of users, with an average conversion rate close to 30%. Some well-optimized store can even reach an insane 50%.

What is the benefice

The platforms already exist and have consumers trust.

The payment method is already set up and thanks to Wechat payment and Alipay it has never been so easy for a customer to place an order.

High visibility and easy targeting thanks to the huge customer database of these platforms.

Assistance 24/24.

To sum up, these companies have made shopping online an ultra easy process and being present on such a platform can offer better visibility to a confident customer ready to convert.

That said, being present on 1 of these marketplaces is not always enough to succeed in China, in short, your success is going to depend on how well you understand the Chinese consumers and how you apply this knowledge into your marketing strategy.


You still aren't sure and would like personalized expertise on your e-commerce project in China? Contact Bliss Sourcing and meet with our Chinese e-commerce specialists.


How to Buy Products From A Complete Guide 2020 is just like, but all in Chinese, and for the domestic market in China.

Some believe that they can find better deals, by going directly to suppliers on, instead of

But is that really true?

Keep reading, and learn if suppliers are really offering lower prices, how to pay them and if they even have export licenses.

What is is a B2B supplier directory owned by Alibaba Group. Just like, is portal were you can find factories, wholesalers and trading companies, in virtually any industry.

So why is it called, and not In Chinese, 1688 reads as “Yao Liu Ba Ba”, which (kind of) sounds like Alibaba.

Substituting words for similar sounding numbers is common in China and all over Asia.

What is the difference between and

The difference between the two is that is exclusively for domestic trade. has been export focused since day 1.

This is why is in Chinese, while is in English, and has translations in French, Spanish and other major languages.

Are for wholesalers or factories?

Both is not limited to wholesalers or factories. Instead, you can find the same types of suppliers here, as you find on

Many suppliers actually have company pages on both and

One for international buyers, and one for domestic ones.

Can I find cheaper products on

Many importers believe that Chinese suppliers offer lower prices to domestic buyers. This is often true, but not for the reasons you might think.

Suppliers tend to quote higher prices to European and American customers, for quality reasons.

Chinese suppliers know they can’t sell the same quality overseas, as they can to some local customers.

If you submit the same product specification to suppliers on, as you do on, you will not necessarily be quoted a higher price on the former.

As such, you should not assume that you’ll get lower quotes from suppliers.

How do I communicate with the suppliers?

Suppliers go to because they want to sell products on the domestic market. Domestic manufacturers and wholesalers rarely have English speaking employees operating their 1688 account.

If you want to contact 1688 suppliers, you either need an agent, or learn mandarin. suppliers, on the other hand, almost always have English speaking sales reps operating their accounts.

That’s kind of the whole point with

How do I pay suppliers?

One can say that China’s financial system is still in ‘Beta mode’. The standard company bank account in China is only for holding the local currency, Renminbi (RMB).

RMB accounts can receive USD, but this makes it count as a ‘domestic transaction’. Hence, no export rebate, which can deduct 17% to the factory price.

Instead, export focused companies need to open a separate bank account for receiving US dollars. This is the bank account you pay when sending money to your supplier.

But what if the supplier never exported products before?

If so, they likely don’t even have a USD bank account, and can therefore not receive USD.

Do listed suppliers have export licenses?

In China, a company must obtain an export license before they can ship goods overseas. The license is not obtained on an order to order basis, but is valid for several years.

Many suppliers, especially the larger ones, tend to operate both on the domestic market in China, and export to other countries. These suppliers, naturally, have export licenses.

However, these suppliers also tend to be listed on suppliers that are only focused on the domestic market don’t have the need to apply for, and maintain, export licenses.

There are ways to go around the need for an export license.

For example, the 1688 supplier can use an export agent. But I doubt that many ‘domestic suppliers’ are willing to bother with all the extra paperwork for one customer.

Are there buying agents?

If you really want to buy products from 1688, there’s help to get.

There are several ‘ buying agents’ that can help you with the following:

· Coordinate shipments

· Manage payments (from USD to RMB)

· Manage export procedures

Most charge a commission, ranging from 1 to 3%.

However, keep in mind that you should follow up with quality inspections, and make sure you don’t pay everything upfront.


Many Importers are under the impressions that suppliers offer lower prices than everyone else.

And sometimes they do, but not for the same quality.

Further, suppliers are rarely ‘export ready. Without a USD bank account and an export license, the products will not leave the country.

There are workarounds, but most ‘local suppliers’ don’t want to bother with that.

So, if it’s not cheaper and so much more hassle, why go to

There are very few scenarios I think of when makes sense for importers outside of China. So if you want to buy goods from, you better have Chinese sourcing agent, they can help you find best supplier and get cheaper price. Bliss Sourcing is a professional sourcing agency in China, welcome contact.


Why Use A Sourcing Agent Or Buying Agent Is Important In China?

For importers that are serious about finding a high-quality supplier and controlling their product quality, sourcing agent could be the easiest answer.

If you’re importing from China and researching around the topic, you’ll have likely heard of sourcing agents. In this post, we will be exploring the use of sourcing agents and helping you to determine whether using a sourcing agent would benefit your business.

Finding a high quality manufacturer is the often one of the first steps for starting up your importing business — and it’s definitely one of the most important. Your manufacturer is the foundation of your business; they control your stock, which controls how customers view and interact with you. A good supplier means: high-quality goods, happy (and hopefully repeat!) customers, good reviews and more purchases. A bad supplier? Low-quality goods, dissatisfied customers, negative reviews, returns, a bad reputation and an unsuccessful business.

Sourcing agents are a shortcut to finding your ideal supplier. They cut out all the leg-work that you would have to do and negate a lot of the risk involved in trying a new factory.

What is sourcing agent or buying agent?

Sourcing agents are third party services that you can hire to find high quality suppliers in their native country on your behalf. They speak the language and are familiar with the customs. They liaise with the supplier — and they’re able to visit the factories and complete onsite verification. This means that you do not have to find a supplier yourself and it’s a way for you to minimize the risk of importing low quality goods.

Why should I use a sourcing agent?

There are many reasons to use a sourcing agent but the main one is that you are more likely to find a high quality product quickly and efficiently.

When sourcing from Asia, the reputation for producing low quality goods and prospect of the uncertainty that comes with having a supplier on the other side of the planet can be enough to put first time importers off. A large part of ensuring that the goods you receive are of a high standard and able to be resold in the country is finding a high-quality supplier. Sourcing agents are able to do this on your behalf and a lot more efficiently than you will often be able to.

What are the benefits of sourcing agents?

The main benefits of using a sourcing agent to find a supplier for you to use all center around the fact that sourcing agents live in your supplier’s native country. They are from your supplier’s country — and they know how to navigate it far better than you will.

· Finding new products and suppliers.

· Audit existing suppliers.

· Manage negotiations and draft agreements.

· Perform factory inspections and quality control.

· Manage shipping and logistics.

What can go wrong without a sourcing agent?

Many businesses are in need of a helping hand when importing from China. This is when the purchasing agent (or sourcing agent, procurement agent etc.) becomes relevant. He, she, or the company, that acts as a purchasing agent shall be your right hand and an incorruptible ally on the front line in China.
However, It’s not a protected professional title and anyone can call him or herself a purchasing agent. If you don’t make an informed decision when selecting a purchasing agent you might end up losing a lot more than the commission or service fee.

Are there any pitfalls to using a sourcing agent?

Although using a sourcing agent can be a great way to ensure you’re sourcing from a trust-worthy supplier, there are a few drawbacks.

· Blind mark-up. Sourcing agents are a middleman. This means that you have no contact with the supplier — which essentially turns your sourcing agent into your supplier. All prices you get are what they’ve given you (probably with a commission thrown in) and you have no idea if you’re paying a good price or not.

· Sourcing agents can, on occasion, slow shipping. Your chosen shipping company will normally liaise directly with your supplier to sort out delivery dates and times — but, when using a sourcing agent, we/they have to go through them who then liaise with the supplier. Typically, sourcing agents won’t have the right knowledge to chase the supplier as effectively and this can lead to a lot of back and forth to get the right information.

· Your agent doesn’t have to tell you who your supplier is. Your sourcing agent’s job is to get you the best quality product that they can find — end of. Sometimes, they might just tell you the price and the product details and that’s it. This means that you aren’t aware of who your supplier is — which is part of the reason it makes the shipping companies job harder!

Importance of finding a Good Purchasing Agent.

The responsibility of a purchasing agent is to look for quality products and reputable suppliers and handle everything you need in China on your behalf while looking after your every interest in it. Below are some of the duties of a reliable purchasing agent.

It is his role to keep an organization’s inventory of either finished goods, raw materials, or important services at a satisfactory level in order to keep business tasks at minimum possible price or cost.

He should verify purchase requisitions and compare items requested to master list, clarify unclear items and recommend alternatives. It is the duty of the Purchasing Agent to forward available inventory items by verifying stock and scheduling delivery and also verify price and specifications in order to prepare purchase orders and obtain recommendations from suppliers for substitute items.

His duty also includes obtaining purchased items by forwarding orders to suppliers, monitoring as well as expediting orders. He should be able to verify complete receipt of items by comparing items ordered to items received and resolving shipments in error with suppliers. It is their duty to accomplish purchasing and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

A good agent company from China will act as your eyes, ears and nose.They would visit the factory, run background checks and insure that what you receive what you expect.Furthermore even the best factory can have delay or make mistakes. Then your sourcing agent in china should keep effective contact with vendors frequently to ensure your goals will be met.

The right sourcing agent in China can release your load up to 80%. You only need to follow the process by communicating with one or 2 people who can communicate with you via the languages you are familiar with, instead of talking to numberous of factories with some changlish you dont understand.

It is impossilbe to implant your design ideas into the workers’mind. You need to have someone with technical knowledge then inform you the process and result after every communication with the vendors.

So, You can read another post of How to Find Best Sourcing Agency?

Top 50 Trending Products To Sell Online 2020

The market gets filled with new trends every day. We come across new gadgets, appliances, treatment good, and much more that are redefining the market.

These trends and products are defined based on customer demands, and businesses are utterly focusing on customer's preferences to launch new products.

What is Trending Products?

Something popular among the common is called trendy. It can be a product, a fashion line, a hairstyle or anything. Trending products are those that are being used by several people and are trending on social media and digital media.

These products are wild in demand as consumers are buying them based on their utility functionality and trendiness. Having such products at your place gives you a sense of elevation since you are living with what's trending in the market.

Characteristics Of The Best Trending E-Commerce Products In 2020

One can think of several metrics that make a product eye-catching and trending. However, here are some of the competitive features that are helping some of the best trending e-commerce products in 2020 rule the market:

Unique, or Eye-Catching

One of the many features for any product to become trendy is to be unique and eye-catching. The product should be designed, formed, painted, etc. in a way that it should pose uniqueness to the customers.

In addition, make sure that there are no substitutes for your product in any brick or mortar markets.

Difficult to Find

When your product is unique, people will try to find it. This will add to the demand for the product, which will automatically increase the price for it. You will be contacted by a number of e-commerce markets for the product. This will allow you to seize the market, and get a head start.

Price Is Not Available

When the customers don't find the price of the product, they won't be able to sell the product even if they get it from other vendors somehow.

This is very common with drop shippers as they buy products from Ali Express, and then sell them on their e-commerce platforms at higher rates.

Not Sold Within Country

Everything is connected with the demand for the product. If the product is available in the country, people will be able to purchase it somehow.

But if the product isn't available, and only your store is selling the product, people will be opting for your e-commerce site to buy the product.

Available for a Healthy Markup

The value of the product is also important. Buying impulse is something that concerns people in buying the product. If they aren't expecting any value from the product, they won't be buying the product.

On the other hand, if they find the substitute of the product from other platforms, they will be comparing prices with your site. Finding others more friendly, they will not opt for your site and loose buying impulse for your platform.

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

Here are some key elements to find yourself trending products that would sell online:

Brainstorm Ideas

One of the primary aspects of finding yourself a key trending product to sell is by brainstorming ideas. This is necessary since you need to look in the market to see what the customer's preferences are.

You need to think like a customer and think about the products that you would need. When needing the products, make sure to assess the utility of those products.

Gather information about what new products can be launched, and how can you innovate any given product in the market.

Research Ideas In Google Trends

Google Trends is a great place to find some new ideas, especially regarding new products. You need to see what current searches are taking place in the market, and how can you innovate them. In addition, go through some ideas yourself and try to generate something of your own.

This will help in promoting cognitive ability as well as boost your brainstorming, resulting in producing an innovative product of your own.

Moreover, you can use Google Trends to see if the product is trending or not over the course of 12 months. Google Trends also illustrates information regarding how the product is functioning in your country.

Find Market Data To See If The Industry Sales Are Growing

Data is important, and it is viable especially when you are about to invest in selling a trending product. Even if a product is trending it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be trending all the time.

That is why you need to gather the data regarding the sales of your interested industry. You need to see the sales growth, the average of the people now buying the product, and the possible growth in the future.

This will allow you to have insights on whether the product is worth investing in or not. In case you can think of new ideas that can help innovate the product under focus, you need to evaluate the trend in order to take measures for its market sales.

Find Low Competition Niches Within Growing Industries

Another competitive way of finding a trendy product is to focus on markets and niches with low competition. Finding niches with low competition will help you get a market edge in case your product kicks off.

Moreover, you'll be able to find innovation chances in the products in such markets too. Using innovation will help you get a better market edge since you'll be able to sell the product innovatively.

Collect Data Such As Amazon Sales, Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Etc.

Using the data from the existing sales can also help prove beneficial in assessing the product that will fit the best for you to adopt. You can easily opt to browse for Amazon's best sellers that are arranged category wise.

The list provides insights on how much the sales of a certain product have grown, by what volume it has been searched, the keywords that have been used for the product's search, and other metrics.

All the information can help decide the best product to choose for your business. In addition, this will also allow you to focus on the customer's preferences since you'll know what the customers are searching for.

You can visit new releases, movers and shakers (the products with the highest sales), most wished for, gift ideas, etc. Ensure visiting the list for most wished since these are the products that the customers most wish and opt for.

Compare My Ideas Using Actual Data

If you want, you can also opt for actual data and compare your ideas with it. This will allow you to take measures on whether your product is going to trend or not. Searching for long-tail keywords can help minimize the risk of choosing an incompetent product.

Moreover, you need to keep searching for new data since everyday sales go up and down. The more accurate the information you have, the more accurate you'll be able to orient your information and choose a trending product.

What Types of Trending Products to Sell Online?

Here are some types of products that you can sell online:

Selling digital products Online

Different digital products can be sold online such as music, videos, wallpapers, ringtones, websites, etc. With the advent of digital media, almost all transactions are taking place online, and people often opt for online platforms to buy digital products too.

Platforms such as SendOwl, FastSpring, Selz, etc. are some of the platforms that you can easily opt to sell your digital products.

Selling physical products online

Another niche that you can adopt is the niche of physical products. Physical products can be any products that you should choose based on their demand and sales. From beauty products to clothing, skincare to accessories, you can easily opt for different products that fit best to your needs.

One competitive thing to consider is that the products you will choose to sell will need physical inventory. For that, you will need to contact a manufacturer that supplies the products you need. There are other factors that you need to assess as well as such as quality of the product, the minimum order that you need to make, the price that you need to set, etc.

Unique products or Commodities

Unique products or commodities are those that are rare in the market. These products are either imported or sold only by specific vendors. When one needs to sell these products, they need to strategize effectively in terms of the product they want to invest in.

For starters, one can sell a customized range of bags, watches, clothing, etc. In order to do so, you will need to assess what brands are currently offering such kind of merchandise. In addition, you will also need to evaluate the initial costs, including manufacturing, marketing, pricing, etc.

Dropshipping or Carrying Inventory

In case you're planning to invest in dropshipping or carrying inventory, you need to make sure that the products you're choosing have a stable demand in the market. Since you’ll be paying for the warehousing costs, the costs or transporting the goods, and other costs, you'll need to make sure that the goods you're supplying will result in more profit than your carrying inventory.


50 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2020


Top 10 trending products on Amazon


1. Car Phone Holder

If you are looking for an ultimate solution for your mobile placement in the car, Beam Universal Smartphone Holder is here. This car phone holder is compatible with a wide range of phones including Phone XS, XS, Max XR, X 8, 8+, 7, 7+, SE, 6s, 6+, 6, 5s, 4, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, S6, S5, S4, LG, Nexus, Nokia, and more.

With its simplistic installation and single-handed handling, you don’t need any extra tools. Just insert the ball into the slot, tighten the lock washer with the mount back, and adjust it in your desired position.

It can rotate 360 degrees to provide you with the perfect view at every angle. There is a quick-release button on the back sides of this car phone holder that helps you clamp and release the phone in one-go.

It is made with high-quality material and a soft-padded interior that keeps the back of your phone protected from heat. For the best handling of your phone, while you drive, this one is an excellent choice.


2. Home Security IP Camera

Are you worried about the security of your home or office?

Not as long as you have the YI 1080p Home Camera. This surveillance system features night vision so that any unusual activity can be captured even when its pitch darkness. The F/2.0 aperture, 112 wide-angle lenses, 1080P/15Fps perfect capturing lens helps it record 24/7 in HD.

There are 8 individual 940Nm infrared LED's allowing the camera to record and capture in low-light. Another great feature that makes this camera one of the best trending products to sell in 2020 is cloud storage.

It supports the YI cloud that keeps all the videos and footages safe in 32GB Class10 micros cards. With the YI Home app, you can share this camera with 5 family members or friends.


3. Wifi Repeater

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender is currently one of the most popular products to sell online because of its high ratings, demand, and low price.

Customers are always in search of products that offer convenience and functionality at a budget-friendly rate. This Wi-Fi repeater offers Covers Up to 800 Sq. at a speed of up to 300Mbps.

This repeater offers expanded coverage for phones, laptops, and computers for easy web streaming, gaming, and browsing. What makes it special and trending is the ease of set up.


4. Drone Camera

Modern age demands for modernized gadgets, which is why everyone wants to own a drone camera. This very reason has made Foldable Drone with 1080P HD Camera one of the most trending products on amazon. People are ordering this device because it is extremely user-friendly.

Both kids and adults can use it easily because of its simplistic system. This product is the best for beginners who are planning to master the drone flight. 2 high-performance rechargeable batteries make the flight last for 15 minutes.

It features a 120°Wide-angle 1080P HD FPV Wi-Fi Camera for perfect vision and high-quality video capturing. People have gone crazy over this drone camera because of its voice command operation.


5. Posture Corrector

Every other person has a back pain issue due to a misaligned spine or wrong sitting position, but everyone desires a perfect posture. The Posture Corrector by MARAKYM has brought a revolution on Amazon because of its amazing features and qualities.

This one is definitely among the list of trending things to buy for the people who are used to slouch. Good posture is healthy and desirable and this posture corrector does exactly that. The adjustable Clavicle Brace improves the bad posture and balances the spine by reducing backaches.

It is made of high-quality Neoprene to keep your back comfortable.


6. Electric Soldering Iron Gun

The NEWACALOX Soldering Gun comes with an automatic hand-held solder iron kit. It is one of the most trending products to sell because jewelry repairers are always in search of welding tools that are fast and safe with metals.

This one is an all-in-one tool kit for soldering that includes soldering gun, disordering pump, and 2 tweezers and solder wire. No wonder why this product is a trending choice for consumers. This featured-packed electric soldering iron gun has a natural mica heating core, easy assembly, aluminum body, and a de-soldering high-pressure vacuum pump.

This machine is widely appreciated by home DIYists and jewelry welders.


7. Pump Wedge Locksmith

The major reason why this one tops the trending consumer products is that people who drive regularly, often find themselves in trouble of getting locked out of their cars.

The ARISD Car Air Wedge Pump Wedge Kit is a high-quality inflatable pump wedge locksmith for your home and auto needs.  Polyurethane rubber material and double side TPU pouring make it durable and safe to use.

This product opens up your car locks easily without damaging the car door and handle. It can lift 200ib-300ibs with superior pressure resistance. The easy to use squeezing pump is why it is widely used and loved!


8. Bohemian Earrings

Women love to wear jewelry, especially when it is trending, safe to wear, and beautiful. The Bohemian Acrylic Dangle Beads Earrings are made of eco-friendly material that protects the skin from any harm or allergies.

Not only are these earrings safe, but stylishly designed. They are almost weightless with 2cm to 3.5cm diameter. Their drop-down design and light-weight feature make them one of the most loved jewelry articles sold on Amazon.

These bohemian earrings are an ideal choice to gift because of its nice packaging and a mini nosegay that comes along in the box.


9. Manicure Milling Drill Bit

What more can a woman want than perfectly manicured and shiny nails? Germiston 5pcs Bullet Tungsten Carbide Burrs Nail Drill Bit has become the number one choice for not only the best beauty salons but for women who like to do their manicures by themselves. 

The bits are made of Tungsten steel material that is not easily rusted. 2.35m handle shank diameter can easily foot to most of the machines.


10. Flexible Garden Hose

Perfect for watering your garden with a high-pressure spray nozzle, the Expandable Garden Hose by GrowGreen Hoses is the new trend on Amazon.

This space sufficient water hose can expand up to 50 feet when needed and can return to its original compact size after that.

The spray nozzle comes with 8 high-quality adjustable patterns that are all rust-resistant and corrosion-free. Another great thing is the lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


Top 10 trending products on eBay


11. One Piece Swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit is currently a trending product because several females have started wearing them on their beach trips. These backless swimsuits are a perfect option to enjoy beach strolling and parties with added comfort and ease without compromising on style.

You can sell these swimsuits under the tag of the perfect beach part wears to grab customer's attention. The price per swimsuit ranges from $6-$25, and you can easily find them on eBay.


12. Fly Fishing Quick Knot Tool

Flyfish quick knot tool is another trending product to sell due to their high demand. These are unbreakable fish hooks that help to tie the hooks easily.

You can easily sell it with a combo with fish gear and it will surely prove to be a success. Because this tool comes with fastening travel bags and belts, they are more popular among people who are fond of fishing.

These fishing knot tools can be sold regardless of any season. You can find this product on eBay at a price range of $7-$10.


13. Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

Breathable shoes are a desire of every athlete, which is why Breathable Mesh Running Shoes can be an ideal product to sell.  The trend of breathable mesh shoes is increasing fast because of their increased comfortability and light-weight.

People are looking for shoes that won't make their feet swell even if the wear it for a whole day. These shoes are made up of reachable organic materials, which is why customers rush to buy these.

Just add this to your product list and watch your sales increase. The price of this product is $7-$25.


14. Waterproof Eyebrow Liner

No woman will like to wash off her whole makeup just because here eyebrow liner wasn't good enough to shape the perfect brows.

You can give them the right solution by selling the most demanded waterproof eyebrow liner. These eyebrow liner pencils have a perfectly-aligned tip to give the perfect brow shape.

Even if they wash off their faces, the eyebrows will stay in shape. Add this product to your e-commerce site to increase the number of your customers.


15. Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Children's health is always a major concern of responsible parents, and the Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer keeps them covered.

These thermometers are non-contact so that children will not get uneasy. This product is highly trending on different e-commerce websites because they can check temperature from the distance of 12inches.

Many people are searching for it which means its popularity is still growing. Try selling out this product and you'll get a decent sale.


16. Cat Massage Comb

Cat owners will do anything for the comfort of their cats and rubbing is something that cats do a lot. No one wants their cats to shed their hair everywhere, which is why they search for cat massage combs.

This trending e-commerce product is the best option to add to your online store if it is related to pets. Cat brushes are being sold in a good number recently because pet owners have started to consider the needs of their pets.

This product is going to get the eyes of your customers for sure.


17. Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush

Who doesn't like to have a nice relaxing hair massage wherever they want? The portable electronic iconic hairbrushes are in high-demand.

People are searching for it widely because these brushes claim to inherit the meridian principle of traditional Chinese medicine.

Anyone who needs to improve his sleep quality, balance the blood circulation, or relieve fatigue would rush towards buying this brush if you enlist to sell it on your e-commerce store. This product can be easily bought at $10.


18. PVC Inflatable Beer Pong Ball Table

This product has become a trend worldwide, which is why selling them will prove to be highly beneficial for your business. They come at a price as low as $20, but if you promote it by highlighting the right features, your business will reach another level of popularity. 

All you have to do is target the right customers who are searching for these beer bong tables online. These pong ball tables are a source of adding to the enjoyment of pool parties.


19. Home Ice Cream Makers

This product gets sold easily because they are not so costly, and then no one can resist deliciously cool ice-creams without stepping out in the heat.

Focus on the features of your product and promote these ice-cream makers and see how people will go crazy to have one of these ice-cream makers in their homes.

The price of this product is only $30, but you can sell it by keeping a margin of your profit.


20. Beach Towels

A tip to become a successful marketer is to start up by selling simple products that are trending fast. Although selling beach towels might not sound as impressive, but the trends of this product are higher than your expectations.

Beach towels are a must-carry when people are going to the beach. These towels keep them dry and prevent the dust and sand from sticking to their wet bodies. 

Get these towels at only $10 and sell them after keeping your margin.


Top 10 trending products on Shopify


21. One size fits all sofa and couch covers

Furniture like sofas is a huge investment, which is why people are always looking for a product to keep them safe and covered.

Why not add the One size fits all sofa and couch covers to your product list to sell while the trend is so high?

Statista predicts the market will grow 0.6% annually, which means this thing is going to ear you a lot. This product is cheaper for the customer because they don’t have to bu a three-piece cover set. This makes these covers easier to sell with a higher profit margin.


22. Waterproof Shoe Cover

The perfect solution for the rainy season is to get the shoes covered with the waterproof shoe covers. Dirty shoes leave a bad impression of one’s personality; that is why people are concerned about their shoes.

This silicon made waterproof shoe covers are the top-selling product because of their low cost and high convenience.

Highlight the features of this product that it keeps the shoes perfectly clean and dry, and sell this $2 shoe covers on your margin.


23. Hooded Raincoats

The people who live in tropical countries where it is common to rain are the major customers of hooded raincoats. These raincoats keep them dry and warm.

Being highly in demand, this one is an ideal choice to sell for your online business. You can easily get these hooded raincoats at a low price of just $2.


24. Cable Chompers

People care more for their mobiles then they do for themselves, especially when it comes to making them look presentable. Different mobile retailer shoppers buy these cable chompers in bulk, which can increase your chance to get your profit from selling this product online.


The price of a single cable chomper is only $1 that leaves a large margin for you to earn.


25. Plush Blankets

Plush blankets are the perfect option to sell when the fall season knocks at the door. Everyone loves to feel warm and cozy while the cold wind is blowing outside.


Adding these blankets on your product list will instantly boost your sales, especially when the season is on. Get these blankets at the price of $11 and sell them by keeping your profit margin.


26. Pet bed

The perfect gift for the purring fur balls is buying them a comfy pet bed. Cat lovers treat their cat companions as their babies that increase your chances of success rate by selling pet beds.


Cat beds have a monthly search of 60,500. Similarly, the trending volume of the keyword “dog bed” has a monthly search of volume 234,000.


27. Minimalist jewelry

Minimalist jewelry has become the most trending product to be sold online. With an annual growing search rate by 21%, these products are designed to boost your sales.  


Being one of the most trending products on Instagram, you can easily promote your jewelry store by adding videos and pictures of your products.


28. Beard straightener

Men are becoming more cautious about their grooming, which has made men's grooming market more progressive over the years. With a monthly search rate of 37,000 on beard straighteners, you can guess how far you can go by selling this product.  


The growth and demand for this product are evident to be in the limelight for years to come. Try out your luck by selling these trending consumer products, and make gold out of the profit!


29. Massage guns

When you hit the gym hard, you need to relax with something to keep your sore muscles intact. That is why the demand for these massage guns is quite high.


These are one of the trending products and you can choose these to sell with quite a profit margin since they are available at above $100.


30. Athleisure

It is one of the trending products that are here to stay. It's activewear that provides an athletic look even for everyday use. It is a wide category for itself with several products including sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, and much more.

You can easily opt for the product to sell since its market is set to be worth more than $500 billion in 2024.


Top 10 Trending Products On Ali Express


31. Baby Kids Water Play Mat

You can't stop your kids from playing but you can give them water to the mat to play. Baby Kids Water Play Mat is an innovative product that is currently trending for its huge sales. It is fun, easy to deploy, and children can also use it for exercising.

Moreover, the water mat also allows developing fine motor skills of the children that are using it for exercising. You can get these at $10 choosing the ones that have more than 100+ reviews. Buy them in small bulk and sell them at a 50% margin.


32. Pocket Scarves

People need items that add a style statement to their profile. These pocket scarves are just the thing for it. These can be used to put money, cellphone, and other small accessories that one needs to carry with them.

You can buy these at $3 and sell them with a 100% margin on your e-commerce site. In addition, you can also choose to buy different colors that will attract the customers to your site.


33. Winter Coats

The fashion industry spends millions on producing a range of new winter coats. And with their sales, they can double their investments too. With winter approaching, you can expect to have a whopping demand for these coats.

The one thing you need to make sure is to promote a good view of the products. You need to promote the quality of the coat as given so that the customers find it easy to view and choose.

These vary in the range, starting from $3 and you can also buy small quantities to test their sales. But it's highly recommended that you buy in bulk since they will be sold quickly in winter.


34. Shoe Dryer

Who doesn't want to keep their shoe long-living, especially when you are quite comfortable in them? That is why choosing to sell a shoe dryer is a good option for you. The product works wonderfully, cleaning and drying shoes while making their quality intact.

You can purchase these at $25 and sell them with a 50-100% margin easily. Just make sure that the ones you're buying are working so that you don't sell faulty products to your customers. This will send a negative impact, and you'll lose your customers.


35. Touchscreen Gloves

When one needs to protect their hands but still have to suffer from the inconvenience of taking their gloves off for using their cellphone, this product comes to their saving. The touchscreen gloves are quite popular and can be opted for one's site to sell.

They don't scratch or damage the touchscreen as well as provide an effective response for the users too. You can easily buy these at $2 and sell them at a 100% margin. Make sure to buy different colors that will be attractive for the buyers.


36. Waterproof Pants

Another winter product that you can invest in buying is the waterproof pants. Not only these serve as insulators but they also prevent frost from staying on your pants. The reason to choose these is that people continuously look for waterproof jackets but can't find waterproof pants.

You can buy these at various costs starting at $25 and sell them with 50-100% margins easily. Make sure to check their utility as well as include insight on how much waterproof will the pants be.


37. Bear Claws

Good for BBQ parties, the bear claws are an essential part for any expedition, wildlife or travel enthusiasts. They help shred the meat easily so you don't have to hassle bringing a shredder with you.

They are available starting from $4 and you can charge extra margins to sell them on your platform. However, ensure that the ones you buy offer maximum utility and are of high quality too.


38. Hiking Backpacks

Another product that you can include for your e-commerce site is the hiking backpack. This product is popular among those that want to travel into the wilds. You can get these in different ranges and options starting at $30.


39. Hair Wig

Hair wigs are a new trending product that has entered the market. These are widely used in the fashion industry and you can easily opt for them to sell on your e-commerce site.

You can buy this starting from $50. However, you need to see the quality to make sure your customers get the best products.


40. Shapewear

Shapewear is another excellent product to sell on your e-commerce site. These are available at $10 but you can also find them at $60 based on the brand that you are buying.

You'll have a 50-100% margin window for it too. Ensure quality and different colors while purchasing it. 


Top 10 trending products on Alibaba


41. Portable Blender

Who doesn't like to have fresh juice with them anywhere they go?

Yes, it is one of the most demanded products in the market.

Sports enthusiasts are especially opting for it due to its effective portability option and performance that gives you fresh juice anywhere.

The product costs $10-$20 and you can find it from Afforanay Global Store or MisMermaid Store easily.


42. Spider Nail Gel

Bored of the traditional nail paints and need new designs to make your nails look stylish and elegant? Then spider nail gel is the best option for you. The demand for this $2 product is surely making it quite popular, and worth investing in.

You can buy this in bulk from different retailing platforms and can sell it easily at $8 per paint. This is necessary since you'll be needing to keep a minimum of 50% of the margin for your e-commerce site to make the profit since you'll probably be booing these in bulk.


43. Face Shield

Need to go outside but want to keep yourself protected from the dust? Don't want to buy those old and drab face shields? No worries, this is another trending product that you can opt to sell on your e-commerce site.

Face shields are becoming extremely popular since they come in amazing designs that can be customized accordingly. You can find these from Kaze Velocity or Vexverm for $5-$10, and sell them at 100% margin.


44. Phone Lenses

Buying a new phone can be a hassle especially if you're running tight on a budget. But when you've got phone lenses, you'll be rooting for these instead of buying a new phone. Phone lenses are becoming extremely popular with their products being sold in bulk volumes.

These can be installed easily on your phone camera and can easily use them for high-quality image clicking. Another intriguing element about them is that they are still one of the trendiest and most selling products for dropshipping products due to their repute in the mobile phone market.

They are easily available at $1-$5 and can be purchased from several vendors too. All you need to do is to find the lenses that have been recommended by others and order them in bulk for your e-commerce platform.


45. Inflatable Pet Collars

If you're worried that your pets may get themselves injured while playing or sleeping or during any travel, then these collars are the perfect ones to opt for. They keep your pet's neck protected at all times.

The primary reason for their high sales is the inflatable perk that comes with it. Most of the pet owners are opting for the product, which is why it's a good option for you to put on your e-commerce website as well.

The product can be bought at $3-$8 in bulk and can be sold with additional margins. You can also address the targeted tags with it to make your platform stand out.


46. Eyeshadow Stamp

No need to keep struggling for making eye shadows now that these are in. Another trending product that you can choose to sell on your e-commerce platform is Eyeshadow Stamp. This stamp is easy to use and most of the makeup artists are using this product for easy shadowing.

In addition, it is also easy to use for different eye sizes so it is simply a hot bread. You can buy it at $1-$4 and sell it with a 50-100% margin on your platform.


47. Strapless Backless Bra

If you want to invest in women's clothing, then this product is surely the one to include. Women want to move without the shame of showing off their bra straps. That is why the Strapless Backless Bra is a trending product to sell.

The iconic silicon suckers are crafted to maintain a solid grip, helping to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. In addition, it's a hot cake especially if you're in the fashion industry. The product can easily be bought at $1-$4 and can be sold at higher margins too.

You can also choose to buy these in different colors and match stockings with them to sell a complete nightmare.


48. Child Wrist Leash

Children are children. They will do things even though they are instructed not to. Such a thing includes running off on a busy road. The prime reason for this product to be a top seller is due to its amazing utility.

The leash is highly sought especially in the US market where women take their children to shopping malls. You can get these at $2-$6, and sell them on your e-commerce site by targeting a certain interest group.


49. Front Facing Baby Carrier

One can't leave their babies at home, and it's quite a hassle taking them with you on work or even on shopping. That is why this Front Facing Baby Carrier is making to the top ranks due to its immense utility.

The carrier is amazing and gives competent support to both males and females that are carrying their babies. With their immense utility, these products are sure to be sold in high numbers even for your site.

You can buy these at $13-$16 in bulk and sell them at 50% of the margin to not make them expensive. The perk? These carriers won't go outdated since babies are born as we speak.


50. Wireless Phone Chargers

With convenience comes innovation, and when the world needed fast and convenient charging without cable breakage, Wireless Phone Chargers were the ones that took the market. These are the next big thing in the world of smartphones, and you can surely buy these to sell on your platform.


Many phone companies have launched their wireless phone chargers. However, you can still buy these at $10-$15 and can sell them with a 100% margin too. Since these products are already coming with expensive phones, you can sell them at minimal rates to increase your sales.

How Bliss Sourcing Help You Find Trending Products to sell online

If you want to start your own e-commerce business and need guidance regarding the procedure, you can refer to Bliss Sourcing.

The platform offers extensive insight into the retail market and provides a competent sourcing service that you can opt for your business.


Starting an e-commerce business can be hectic but if you have the right guidance, insight on the current trending products, and a strategic way of promotion, you can have a quick growth in your business in no time.



How to Find Best Sourcing Agency?

Whenever theres a need to start a new business, theres a question of locating the primary sources needed for it. Either you try finding those by yourself or you hire a sourcing agent. But the question that remains is that; what is a sourcing agent?

What Is Sourcing Agent?

A sourcing agent is the one that locates the product suppliers for your agent. They speak the language of the suppliers that you want to buy from, thus giving you the edge of finding affordable products.

Since China is the biggest producer of the goods as cheaply priced goods can be attained from its market, you can hire a sourcing agent from China to help you in locating suppliers for your business needs.

What Does A Sourcing Agent Do?

As highlighted earlier, sources agents help you locate the products or the supplier you need for the products from your chosen market. If you've planned to buy any product, you need to narrate your requirements to the sourcing agent.

The agent will search the market of your desired location for manufacturers that can cater to your needs. When they locate such a manufacturer or manufacturers, they will contact you so that you may choose any one that fits your requirements.

After the selection is made, the sourcing agent will help you negotiate in terms of the primary elements of the supply. It can be working hours, quality, pricing, etc. The sourcing agent can also assist in ensuring the safe delivery of the prepared product by all standards.

Their primary services can include:

· Communicating and negotiating with suppliers

· Overseeing the production

· Updating you with the proceedings

· Arranging storage and shipping options in and from your preferred location

· Helping perform quality inspections

It is to remember that you dont need to tell pay them for quality inspections if theyre working on commission. The sourcing agent will lose its commission if the product quality fails.

3 Types Of Sourcing Agents

Here are the different types of sourcing agents that exist in the market:

Single Sourcing Agents Who Work Independently

These types of sourcing agents work completely on their own. One cannot find any history of their performance in advance. Moreover, they usually have a small network too. You are most likely to be dependent entirely on them when you hire those for your sourcing needs.

Another drawback is that without knowledge of how they work, you cannot expect complete quality. Moreover, they can simply disappear in comparison to other big sourcing companies working in the market. There is a great chance of scamming.

Sourcing Agencies

You can call these as the agency that has multiple sourcing agents for themselves. These agencies keep several sourcing agents, each with their expertise at their disposal.

Depending on the client's demands they can opt for a sourcing agent that works in sourcing consumer electronics, beauty products, furniture, etc.

They have a stronger network and are experienced in finding the products you need to find for your business. However, they charge more for their services in comparison to independent sourcing agents.

Full Service Sourcing & Logistics Companies

These are the most expensive yet versatile types of sourcing agents. They provide a huge network of sourcing services, finding your suppliers from different markets.

In addition, they are also responsible for quality inspections, logistics, shipping, etc.

You can expect a competitive in-house communication as well as choose to hand over them the responsibility for the entire process. This can include finding the product, having it manufactured, and delivering it to Amazon Warehouse on time.

However, you're strongly dependent on them.

Why Should You Use A Sourcing Agency?

There are several reasons that you can be needing a sourcing agency. Since Amazon sellers need products from different places, a sourcing agent can help you get familiar with your targeted market.


The primary reason for hiring a sourcing agent is that you need to get things done on time. A sourcing agent helps you get started with the suppliers right away.

You don't need to go through the hassle of finding one or negotiating them with specifications on your own. The sourcing agent does that for you.


Language does not become a barrier for you. When the time comes for negotiation, the sourcing agent helps in briefing the specifications for the product to your chosen supplier.

They also ensure that every important element regarding specifications is included in the brief.


Another most important element that sourcing agents help you with is negotiation. They help you negotiate in terms of the specifications, making sure to maintain quality at the minimal pricing.

Here, a sourcing agent is the most needed since they are aware of the market, and know the common practices more fluently.

Verifying Certificates

Inspecting certificates and licenses from your chosen supplier is highly important, and that is what sourcing agents also help with. They inspect the language in which the licenses are issued, making sure that the supplier is working legally.

In doing so, the sourcing agents help you avoid scammers that may come up with fake names or agency licenses. Thus, with the help of a sourcing agent, the risk of getting scammed by manufacturers is reduced significantly.

Experience & Network

You get to access to a wider pool of network when you hire a sourcing company. They have worked with several manufacturers that may be the best fit for the goods youre needing. In such a way, they can help find a perfect supplier for your needs using their market experience.

What Makes A Good Sourcing Agent?

Keeping the above reasons to hire a sourcing agent in mind, here are some competitive elements that make a good sourcing agent:

Business License

The first thing for a good sourcing agent is their license. Like every business, you need to find a sourcing agent that is licensed. It means they have the legal jurisdiction to work as a sourcing company.

It also helps you in keeping a solid track of the agent as well by assessing their legal precedence. In case anything happens, you can use the license number to track them.

Experience & Specialization

Having an experienced licensed agent is also important. The more experienced they are, the faster and more secure the processes can proceed.

Moreover, finding a sourcing agent that specializes in your domain is also important.

Since they will be working your selected product domain, you can expect timely services, high quality, and benefitting negotiations.


Previous projects, partnerships, and recommendations are important elements too. Similar to finding any contractor, you can also search for a sourcing company based on their recommendations. This will allow you to find the ones that are functioning superbly in terms of client collaboration.


A sourcing agent works as a medium of combination between you and your supplier. Therefore, you must find the ones that are fluent in the language of your chosen market.

Location & Flexibility

You would want to have your sourcing company be located in the location of your preference. It would help you save traveling costs.

Moreover, in such a manner, the sourcing company will be able to keep you updated since they won't need to arrange heft traveling programs.

Supplier Network

The point of connecting with a sourcing agent is to gain access to a higher pool of market networks. The sourcing agent you're hiring should have an effective communication network.

They should be accessible at all times and should help you find several suppliers from your preferred location.


Transparency is also important especially when you're hiring a sourcing agent. You don't want to have miscommunication in any aspect of the business. Whether it is the costs, production or any element.

Any sourcing agent must be of utmost transparency with their clients. If you face someone that avoids communication now and then, it's definitely not a reliable source.

Who Are Bad Sourcing Agents?

You should avoid bad sourcing agents or Red Flags while finding ones for your business.

The Sourcing Agent Is Paid By The Factory

If a sourcing agent contacts you with a reference from a factory, say no immediately. Since the factory is paying them for finding buyers, it is most likely that they will direct you towards the company that is paying them.

The catch here?

The supplier that is paying them may be producing inferior quality products. The sourcing agent will guide you to buy from them, ultimately taking their commission from both ends, and you'll end up with poor products.

The Sourcing Agent Offers Quality Inspections But Work On Commission

If the sourcing agent is working on commission and asks you to let them do quality inspections, it's a red flag. Consider the scenario, the sourcing agents only get the commission when the final product is delivered to the buyer.

So if there's a defect in the product, the buyer won't accept it, and the sourcing agent won't get their commission.

So why would a sourcing agent find defects in the products to lose their commission?

That is why it is recommended to avoid such sourcing companies.

Don't Have A Business License

A license is important. As highlighted earlier that every company needs a license to operate in the domain. That is why it is important to hire a sourcing agent that is licensed for the services they are offering.

Take Long Time To Find A Supplier

You don't need to hire a sourcing agent that takes a lot of time to find a supplier. That is important since your business has needs and everything should be carried out swiftly. The entire business is stagnant if the sourcing agent doesn't find a supplier for you.

Moreover, if the sourcing agent is skilled and experienced, they will be able to locate suppliers for you instantly. Since they have a wide network and been working in the domain for years, it should not take time for them to locate suppliers. If it takes, then it's a red flag.

Poor Language Skills

As highlighted earlier, a sourcing agent is a communication medium between you and the supplier. The primary motive of hiring a sourcing agent is to avoid miscommunication and have swift communication. That is why if your sourcing agent has poor communication skills, it is better to go look for someone else.

Moreover, you need to find someone present in your desired location. If they are, then it's a good indicator that they will be fluent in the language of your desired location.

How Much Does A Sourcing Agent Cost?

With all the business costs, you need to strategize for the costs of your sourcing agent too. Heres what you can expect to include:


Most of the sourcing agents work on commission. This commission isn't fixed for everyone and depends on the quantity and the frequency of the order. However, it usually lies in 2-10% (Bliss sourcing 6% mostly). The commission fee will be higher for smaller orders.

For example, if you're hiring an order of $1000, you'll have to pay 10% ($100) for the commission. However, if you're ordering for $50,000, you'll have to pay $5000 (10%) for the commission or even less.

The commission is agreed upon as soon as the primary elements of the proceedings are completed. These include finding a supplier, relaying them your specifications, negotiating pricing and quality, etc.

One element to keep in mind while finding a sourcing agent is that they will work more if you pay more. They will find suppliers where they will get more commission. Hence, it's better to negotiate beforehand.

Hourly Rate

Some of the sourcing companies often work on hourly rates. This type of model allows you to pay the sourcing agent based on the hours they've worked, irrespective of the deal with the supplier.

However, there come two major drawbacks in this model. One, the sourcing agent may take more time depending upon the search they need to make for finding a supplier. Second, they can charge for extra hours even though if they are not needed.

This is the primary reason why finding an hourly rate sourcing agent isn't beneficial. You will not have any means to assess how long does it take for the agent to deal with their work. Using this, you can end up paying more for what its worth.

Flat Fee

This is a simple way of negotiating the cost; the fee is decided at the beginning of the project. When the fee is decided, the sourcing company will do their research to find suitable suppliers for your needs.

The catch? They get paid even if you don't choose any supplier provided by them. This means that there's a chance that the sourcing agent won't put maximum effort into finding a reliable supplier for you since they know that they will get paid either way.

Mixed Payment Structure

Another payment method that you can adopt in this matter is the mixed payment method. This model comprises of the perks from the previous models. The buyer, which is you, will pay a flat rate fee until a certain amount.

When the order exceeds the threshold value, you can charge a commission on it. The use of the mixed payment method allows you to test the quality of the product that is offered by the supplier. You can ask for a small amount, pay a little, and get the products made to see how good the supplier is.

Moreover, you can also use this method to see how well the sourcing agent is collaborating and communicating with you and the supplier.

How To Find The Best Sourcing Agent For Your Business

You can follow the following seven steps for finding a viable sourcing agent for your business:

Step 1: Define What You Need

The first and most important of all the actions is to find out what you need. This is important since you cannot dive into the market without any knowledge or strategizing about what you need.

This is also necessary since you will only be able to find a viably sourcing agent when youll know what you need. This assessment will give insights on the product market to focus on, the location to concentrate, the target segment to connect with, etc.

All these elements are necessary to be defined since your sourcing agent can only be recruited when you're able to relay these insights.

Step 2: Set Your Budget

Setting your budget is another important element that you need to assess before you go diving into the market for a sourcing agent. As highlighted earlier that there are several types of sourcing companies that are working in the market.

Each company and firm have its perks, cons, and costs. You need to make sure that when you strategize your budget, you keep aside some amount for adverse circumstances. Moreover, ensure that you get the services first before handing over the entire payment.

But before you hire one, you need to ensure that efficient negotiation is done regarding the specification that has been discussed with the agents

Step 3: Choose A Type Of Sourcing Company

When you go deep in the market, you can come across several firms that will be offering sourcing services in your preferred domain. However, it's hard to find someone that can fit all your requirements. But it's not impossible.

You can easily put yourself and your resources to use to know what kind of sourcing agents are available in the market. Moreover, keep a close eye on assessing their workability since a small ignorance can result in poor choice, which would affect the overall proceedings.

Step 4: Research & Compare

As aforementioned, you need to put your resources to use to find yourself a reliable sourcing company. While doing this, you can simply adopt the methods of comparing multiple brands or services providers.

As we tend to have preferences for brands and evaluate them based on their performances, you can do the same for sourcing agents. Select your domain of the product you want, and constructing your requirements.

This will allow you to relay the information to different sourcing agents. You can then pick their details for comparison and choose the one that is offering services the most according to your needs.

Having a comparison will allow you to know what kind of sourcing agents are working in the market. It will also help in saving yourself from scammers since youll be comparing them with real sourcing companies. The difference in the services will show.

Step 5: Get Different Offers & Ask For Business Licenses

During the selection process, you can get different offers from the chosen sourcing companies too. This will allow you to know what offer works the best for you, and what can you do to negotiate the price with the sourcing agents.

In addition, you can also choose to check for licenses of the chosen sourcing companies. One of the primary advantages of asking for licenses is that any scamming company will mitigate their communication, and you can also find out about them from their license number.

It will help save your time and resources needed for the assessment phase and will enable quick selection.

Step 6: Negotiate Payments

When you've compiled up a list of the most suitable candidates as sourcing agents, its’ time that you negotiate in terms of money. This is another important element since you need to assess and select what kind of payment method will the sourcing agent agrees to.

Moreover, you also need to assess the overall payment strategy, keeping in the mind the overall budget you've set for your needs. Price negotiation will not take time, and you can get clear answers from the sourcing agents too. Moreover, you can also negotiate in terms of increasing or decreasing the commission in case you re-order.

Step 7: Write Down Everything That Was Agreed On

Last but not the least, you need to have everything in the contract. This is another crucial element because this will allow you to get everything streamlined. When you get everything in a written contract, the sourcing agents won't be able to back out from the elements that have been written in the contract.

In such a way you can secure your end from any adverse circumstance such as payment issues, the difference in the quality, etc.

Choosing these methods will allow you to select a competent sourcing agent for yourself. You can put your maximum effort to select the best choice, and ensure that every necessary step is taken for the selection phase.

One of best Sourcing Agent in China

Here are the top sourcing company website that I suggest you a reliable souring company:

Bliss Sourcing

One of the leading sites to refer to is The company has an extensive network of sourcing companies especially from China, which helps them to arrange suppliers for their clients.

In addition, the company has been working quite proficiently in their domain and has ever since delivered unprecedented China sourcing consultancy.

Moreover, the firm is also offering Amazon FBA prep services that can secure your product all according to international standards. This helps to minimize the overall quality check costs and results in the accurate production of the goods in the first place.


For starting a business and finding a sourcing partner, you need to ensure that the one you're hiring is competent. This will allow you to get your proceedings sorted efficiently. Your sourcing partner is a viable asset for your business.

Therefore, you must put a similar effort into the selection of a sourcing agent as much as you're putting in product selection.

13 Useful Things To Know Before Going To China

China is a huge and fascinating country, attracting more and more international visitors every year. Whether you intend to travel here for business or tourism, it's not without its share of challenges. In this article I am going to share with you few tips that will make your trip to China easier.

1. The language barrier

Don't come to China expecting people to speak English, even if nowadays many young Chinese from big cities learn English at school, they are not the majority and very few are able to speak it fluently. When traveling around China it is recommended to know few basic Chinese words or at least to use Google translate for android or apple.

Most suppliers are able to speak basic English related to their business, but when it comes to the details you'll face the language barrier. It is recommended to hire an interpreter to avoid future complications.

2. How to get your visa

If you plan to visit the mainland of China for business purpose then you must apply for a business (M) entry visa through the Chinese embassy of your area. You need to provide them with: 

• An application form (V.2013) with a recent color picture

• A valid passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity and at least 1 blank visa page

• A photocopy of the name page of your passport

• A proof of legal stay if you apply from a third country

• An invitation letter issued from a Chinese company or from a trade fair such as Canton Fair

• A photocopy of the Chinese company's business licence (not necessary but can help)

• Photocopies of your hotel booking and your flights informations (not necessary but can help)

• The application fees

The application fees depend of your nationality and the number of entries you ask.

The processing time depend of the period of the year, your nationality and if you choose or not the "express service" in the application form.

Travellers whose country is part of the Schengen visa-free area can travel to Hong Kong and Macau without visa. You are allowed to stay in these two cities up to 90 days.

For further information I invite you to contact the Chinese embassy of your area.

Important notice : For safety regulations, carry your passport with you all the time when staying in China. During an inspection, if you don't have your passport you'll be taken to the police station. You may also be detained few days for breaking the law.

3. Payment methods

When traveling around China you'll notice that most Chinese use their smartphone to pay for just about everything : restaurant, groceries, transportation, etc. While in the countryside cash is still preferred, in the urban area cash is becoming obsolete.  Everyone is using Wechat or Alipay.

As a foreigner, you can also use your smartphone to pay. You can install Wechat on your phone and ask someone to transfer money to your Wechat account.

Credit Cards are accepted only with some hotels, high-end restaurants and foreign brand shop. Therefore, you should always bring cash with you during your travel.

Don't forget to inform your bank before visiting China, some banks will block your credit cards if they notice unusual transactions.

China's currency has two names : Yuan and RMB. RMB (Renminbi) is the official name for the currency, it means "the people's currency". Yuan (¥ or CNY) is the main unit of the currency, in mandarin every day uses it is also referred to as "kuài".

You can exchange currency with your bank before departure, at the airport with a currency-exchange shop or you can withdraw money from some Chinese ATM Machine such as HSBC and ICBC.

4. Transport solutions

Car : In china you can rent a car with driver from ¥400 to ¥1000 per day, the price varies according to the city and the class of the hired vehicle. Foreign driving licences are not valid in China.

Taxi : They are cheap, plentiful and available 24h/24h. But taxi drivers don't speak English, then it is recommended that you have with you the phone number and the address of your destination written in Chinese. The price usually start at ¥12, it depends of the city, then ¥2.5/km. Some drivers may want a flat rate, if you don't agree and they don't turn on the meter then get out or insist that they do so. Always ask for the receipt, there is the taxi's plate number on it. You can call the taxi company's phone number in case you lost something or if you have any complaints.

Metro : Most big cities offer a modern metro system and it is the best solution to avoid traffic jams during rush hours. The bags are inspected with an X-ray machine at each station before entry. The price varies from ¥2 to ¥10, it depends of the distance travelled. The operating hours for most metro stations usually starts between 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning and ends between 22:30 to 23:00. In every station there is a map in English to help guide you.

Bus : Public bus are everywhere and often the cheapest transport solution. ¥1 or ¥2 that you can pay directly to the bus entrance. They are usually available from 6:00 to 22:30, you can also find some bus at night in the largest cities. It may be difficult to use them, everything being written in Chinese characters. Take a map with you to know where to go.

You can also travel around China by bus. You must buy a ticket directly at the "long distance" bus station with your passport. While being the cheapest solution to visit China, it is also the least comfortable and the slowest one.

Train : There is the traditional train and the high-speed train. Despite being cheaper, the traditional train loses ground to the high-speed train every year. The high-speed train also called "Bullet train" is one of the fastest train in the world and is very comfortable, it's speed varies between 200 and 350 km/h. By way of indication, a Guangzhou-Shenzhen ticket cost around ¥75 in second class, ¥95 in first class and ¥195 in business class. It is recommended to make a reservation, at least 1 day before departure.

Plane : To travel around China by air is the fastest solution. There is plenty of domestic airlines, including China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Air China, etc. In the aiports, the announcements are made in Chinese and English.

5. Phone & Internet

In China you will want to use your phone to make calls and access internet. But unless you have subscribed an international plan, your SIM Card won't work here. One of the first thing you want to do once in China is to get a chinese SIM Card.

But first you need to make sure that your phone is unlocked. When you purchase a phone, it is often "locked" to the carrier you signed a contract with. It means you can't use a SIM card from another provider.

The easiest way to unlock your phone is to get the unlock code. Contact your phone carrier, they will help you so long as you explain that you planned a trip to China.

After landing in China, you can easily buy a SIM Card at the airport. You'll just have to provide the retailer with your passport.

I recommend to buy a SIM Card to make your stay more comfortable, but it's not an obligation. In China, internet is available everywhere. Free Wi-Fi connections can be found in hotels, restaurants, coffee shop, airports, metro, etc. in every big cities and tourist towns.

Be aware of the Great Firewall, it is the government's solution to censor and regulate the internet in order to protect its citizen. In China you'll not be able to access websites such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. while others will be significantly slowed down. Some mobile apps and emails are also included.

I recommend to buy a VPN if you still want to use them. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, disguises your IP address so it looks like you are connected from an other country, allowing you to get through the Great Firewall and to secure your internet connection. It is not perfect but it worth it. The best VPN to use in China right now is Express VPN.

6. Everyone use Wechat

Wechat, or Wēi Xìn in Chinese, is the most widely used mobile app in China with it's 1.08 billion active users monthly. Wechat is not just a messaging mobile platform, it is a concentrate of Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Paypal and Instagram. It also offer one million third-party mini programs within the platform.

Some of you maybe like to use WhatsApp, but the Great Firewall of China block most western mobile apps. It is possible to find people in China using a VPN for their business, but a VPN is not 100% reliable. To make sure you can always communicate with your business partner, and avoid any trouble, I recommend you to download Wechat on your phone. Because everyone in China use Wechat.

You'll be able to send text and voice message, make audio and video calls, share photos and videos, and use it as means of payment.

You can find Wechat on Apple and Android.

7. Hospitals & Pharmacies

If you need to see a doctor, then I recommend you to go to an international hospital. The doctors working there are usually foreigners or Chinese who have trained overseas. They will be able to understand your problem easier and their English skills are excellent. They are much more expensive but it worth it.

Chinese hospital are cheaper but there is downsides :

• Chinese hospital are always crowded, expect to spend lot of time waiting

• Most doctors don't speak English

• Most doctors don't have the occidental medecine's knowledge

If you go to a Chinese hospital it would be wise to bring an interpreter with you.

Based on where you are, you may be able to find some occidental medecine in pharmacies. You could also use Chinese medecine. My personal recommendation is that you bring your own medecine when travelling in China, at least you know your country's medecine. Most pharmacist also don't speak English.

8. Chinese dining etiquette

In china everyone share the same meal, eating is a community activity. The dishes are disposed in the middle of the table and everyone pick the food with their chopstick to eat with their bowl or rice. It's a little like eating a buffet.

In restaurant, not fast-food, Chinese prefer to fill up with food they don't always eat at home, therefore, rice is rarely served. If you want a bowl of rice then you should order one with your meal, by saying : mifan (me'fan).

Don't worry if you don't feel comfortable using chopsticks, some restaurants can provide you with knifes, forks and spoons. Don't hesitate to ask if you need them.

When eating, it is considered rude to play with your chopstick, to point at food with it, to suck the sauce from it, to dig around with it and to pick food with your hands. It is also an offense if you stuck your chopstick in your bowl of rice, the visual looking like incense sticks burned as offerings to dead ancestors.

Leaving your chopstick on top of your plate means that you have finished eating. If you just want take a break and don't want the server come to remove your plate, then use the chopstick rest or lay them tidy on the table.

In some restaurants you can request an adjoining room if you want some intimacy.

Chinese usually drinks warm water, tea or beer with their meals. When drinking tea, leave the cover of your teapot half open if you want it to be refilled with boiled water. Chinese sometimes also drink some rice alcohol called Baijiu, during a meal it is a tradition to toast with everyone each time you want to drink.

At the end of the meal you'll often see Chinese fighting over who is going to pay the bill, it can be verbal and physical. This game is very important if you don't want to be seen as stingy or having bad manners. If you lose to pay the bill, you should absolutely pick the tab next time.

You are expected to fight over paying the bill most of the time, especially if :

• You are the one inviting

• You have the highest social status

• You are the senior of the group

• You are the only man of the group

• You want to get in someone's good graces.

Chinese often pretend going to the bathroom near the end of the meal to go pay the bill. Don't let them do it if you don't want to lose face.

9. Never drink tap water

Tap water in China is not safe to drink, you should at least boil it before consumption. Even so, some people say it is still unhealthy. You don't want to ruin your trip because of sicknesses like diarrhea. For your own safety I recommend to drink, cook and brush teeth only with bottled water.

Be careful when buying juice with ice cubes, you should always make sure they were not made from tap water.

10. Hotel booking

Many hotels in China refuse foreigners, don't forget to ask when you are looking for a room.

Before check-in, the hotel will ask for your passport. It is an obligation to register your stay in China to the police station and the hotel will do it for you.

Make sure to ask for a non-smocking room if you don't want the smell of stale smoke. Many Chinese smoke and it is not forbidden to smoke in hotels and restaurants.

In China lot of hotels have a KTV (karaoke) or Mahjong floor, these two activities are very noisy. If you are sensitive to noises, I recommend you to avoid these hotels. You can also ask to see the rooms before choosing one.

11. The climate can be harsh

In china summer is often boiling hot and winter is freezing. But it is a huge country and the climate between Guangzhou and Beijing, for instance, is very different. In the north of China everyone is wearing heavy coats starting October when in the south of China it is not a rare sight to see people wearing only short sleeves during the same period.

Check the weather before departure and bring with you the outfits you'll need during your stay in China.

12. Be aware of the knock-offs

It could be very tempting to buy some brands at cheaper price while being in China. Be aware that knock-offs from prominent brands can be seized at the airport upon your return home, as well as the possibility to get a fine. Every country having their own rules about knock-offs, the sanctions may vary from case to case.

Brands bought directly from any supplier in China are also considered as knock-offs.

13. Chinese national holidays you should avoid

Here in China most of us can't schedule our holiday time, instead we have the Chinese national holidays and we all take our vacation at the same time. When planning a trip to China, you should avoid coming during any of these periods. It's hundreds million of people traveling at the exact same time. The price of tickets and hotels will sky rocket, while roads, airport and train station will be over-crowded.

There is 2 major Chinese national holidays you should avoid :

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday and the most crowded travel season. We all hurry to our hometown to reunite with our families while some of us think it is the perfect time to travel.

Learn more about suppliers during Chinese New Year here.

Period : The exact date varies each year since it's based on the Lunar Calendar, but it's usually around January and February. It usually last 30 days, 10 days before Chinese New Year and 20 days after.

Golden Week is a holiday that commemorate the founding of People's Republic of China (PRC). Most of us will travel to popular cities and tourist places.

Period : It is celebrated every year from October 1 to October 7.

Tips For Importing From China And Selling On Amazon FBA

How to get on with Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)?
That’s a thundering question these days. Typically, Amazon always sets higher standards for the quality of product sale on its website. The Seller Performance Targets are a live example of that. Nevertheless, quite a lot of Amazon Sellers have discovered a way of selling products imported from Chinese manufacturing companies. And, why wouldn’t they do that? They’re cheap and can be bought on wholesale. But, the problem still remains with the shipment. Importing the shipments from China to Amazon warehouses isn’t a cakewalk, certainly. The complexities are galore, but it’s not impossible.
In the following, we would be discussing the impeccable methods of importing to FBA distribution centers of Amazon.
Discover the way to sell products on Amazon FBA

Select products that wish to sell on Amazon’s

There are hundreds of product categories, what would choose for your business?
That’s a glaring question because the success entirely depends on that. Amazon iterates the facts that all products can’t be same, though most of them are similar. In fact, some manufacturing companies in China reproduce the same products with different labels. As it happens, you can find numerous options to buy from. Having a sourcing agent in China who is well-versed with the FBA specifications would help you. Their contacts with top Chinese suppliers who comply with those specifications would further help in preparation, inspection, and verification according to FBA standards.
Researches and surveys serve a great purpose of providing vital information. Weren’t you supposed to sell the best products in the market? What are these products? You have to identify them through market research and surveys. Subsequently, when you identify those categories, it becomes easier for importing the products that draw huge money for you.

· Unique Design for Your Private Label Products

It’s time you turn the products unique with a logo – a unique one, necessarily. This way, you would avoid chances of getting mixed up with others. The suppliers on the other side will help you in achieving that. First of all, design a logo for the private label products. It wouldn’t cost too much and you can have what you want. If a supplier offers some incredible choices, you should consider and examine if it goes well for you. After selecting the logo, you have it printed on the cartons and packages of the products. 

· Get Help from Forwarders for FBA

Have you known a freight forwarder? You have to know one. The freight forwarders are the go-getters for you. Bringing products from one country to another is a mammoth task. Since these freight forwarders are aware of the international shipping laws, they are the best people for the logistical arrangements. Not to forget the capabilities of Chinese suppliers. Yes, they are the ones who can help you find reliable freight forwarders. It isn’t a problem if you aren’t allowed to export or import from other countries because a third-party consignee agent can get that done for you. Whether it’s Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Dongguan, Ningbo or any other city, a reliable China sourcing agent would fetch help from the best Amazon FBA freight forwarders.

· Find Chinese Manufacturing Companies

Let us correct it. You should find reliable manufacturing companies in China. Yes, there are large differences between them, if you investigate precisely. Your target is simple – find reliable products at low prices and sell them. It’s the only thing that lets you earn big money. Otherwise, you know what happens. Alibaba, Globalsources, made-in-China will be the best B2B platform to look for suppliers yourself. To save time and save money, getting help from sourcing agent will be great choice.
Percentage standards set for Amazon FBA:

· Order defective rate should be less than 1%.

· Pre-fulfillment cancel rate should be less than 2.5%.

· The late shipment rate should be less than 4%.

Failing to achieve these targets of Seller’ Performance would strip you from the seller privileges.

· Product Samples Play the Key Role

How can you be so sure about the products?
Eventually, the above question would pop in your head. You should never take chances. After negotiating with 2 to 3 suppliers, you can request for samples. Evaluating them on the basis of quality, appearance, and performance would give an accurate report. Generally, people would opt for products with lower prices, but that isn’t a good idea. If you want to leave a deep impression about your products, you have ascertained the facts about the products you are going to sell in the markets. Let your conscience help you in taking a decision on that. Moreover, if a sample isn’t matching the specifics you had asked for, just request for another one that does so.

· Product manufacturing and Quality Control

After verifying the product quality by yourself and settling on prices, you can proceed to making the down-payment for manufacturing. At the next stage, prominent quality control actions are needed to be taken. Obviously, you can’t check personally if the import volume is too low as it would amount expensive costs. Rather, you would have a third-party company for the product inspection job. Remember, all of these must happen before the consignment reaches the designated warehouse of Amazon. Fortunately, Bliss Sourcing Company offers quality control and inspection services to make things simple for you.


· Shipment to the warehouse of Amazon FBA

As freight forwarders bring the shipment via different modes (airplane or ship), it is vital that the packaging meets Amazon FBA requirements before it is loaded. Significantly, the freight forwarders may offer that service too. It includes inspection of products with respect to Amazon rules and regulations.

· Begin your Amazon-based business

The above procedures seem too long and tedious, but believe us when we say they will prove fruitful for you and your business, in terms of making money. Having a great reputation, your label will earn customer loyalty. That’s all because of ensuring top quality products for the customers and maintaining a warm relationship with the suppliers.
Should you have any questions on importing from China and selling on Amazon FBA, you are welcome to contact Bliss Sourcing, the best sourcing agent in China for help.

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