Anti-slip And Noise-reducing Washing Machine Feet

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1.Suitable for all kinds of wet, uneven or inclined ground, adjust the balance of the ground, prevent slipping, wear-resistant shock absorption, small and beautiful.
2.The gasket is specially made of rubber, which has anti-skid and shock absorption effect, strong toughness, wear and durability,Protect machines and floors.
3. Raise furniture and home appliances by a few centimeters to facilitate cleaning and to find things on the floor, effectively preventing moisture and mildew.
4.Suitable for most washing machines. The size of these mats is suitable for most household appliances and furniture currently in the market.
5.More uses, In addition to placing the washing machine,Anti Shock Foot Pads, Also used for furniture such as home appliances and sofas, table legs, chair legs, wardrobe closet legs, sofa legs.

Material:Rubber + Plastic
Inner Diameter: 1.5 x 2.5 x 4.7 cm
Out Diameter: 4 x 7 cm
Product Included:
4 x Washing Machine Feet Pads

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