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"Verify Before You Ship!"

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It’s never been easier to find suppliers in today’s Internet age. However, this easy access has also opened up possibilities of sub-standard goods or goods being swapped at the time of loading. Our Loading Inspection Service can greatly reduce this risk for you, especially when quality standards are defined clearly by the client and an inspection is agreed in advance with the supplier.


A loading inspection is useful when: You want to ensure that the right product and quantities are loaded into the container. You require the goods to be loaded according to a very specific loading plan. You are consolidating a container from multiple suppliers and want to verify quantities. It is normally carried out after a Pre-Shipment Inspection and in cases where a PSI is not required, it is carried out where a Client has had disputes in the past about the quantities being loaded.


Our Loading Inspection is provided both as an ad-hoc service as well as part of the One-Stop Sourcing Service, which takes care of the entire Sourcing process for you.

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With the Loading Inspection, an Bliss inspector will visit the factory (or supplier’s warehouse) and physically inspect the goods right before they are loaded on the container or handed out to the domestic logistics company. A loading inspection can also be carried out at the Logistics agent warehouse prior to shipment. When used as an ad-hoc service, the client provides us with the QC Checklist whereas when used as part of the One-Stop Sourcing Service, your Bliss Account Manager will draw up the QC checklist for you in Chinese to avoid any issues due to the language barrier. We then send our highly trained quality control inspectors who ensure that the goods conform to the standards set by the client. We provide you with a full report in PDF Format with the inspection results.

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Safety: Our trained inspectors ensure international quality control procedures are followed and strict standards applied to all inspections
Experience: Our experience of various industries as well as that of dealing with Chinese manufacturers adds further value to the process
Service Area: We cover most major industrial cities of China
Sample Collection: We can collect post production samples on your behalf during the inspection & courier them out to you (If Requested)
Reporting: Get a detailed PDF report covering various aspects of the inspection, pictures & our recommendations, so that you can decide on your course of action for the shipment
Speed: A PSI can be scheduled within 48 hours in most cases
Quality Standards: We use internationally recognized AQL levels for all quality inspections. Clients can also set their own acceptable quality tolerance levels (As agreed with their suppliers).
Reference Samples: We always encourage our clients to send a “reference sample” wherever possible, as it tells the inspector exactly what the product should look like and how it should function.